Our approach as an opportunity for investors

Successful venture building with a system

As a company builder, Aquilas launches and scales concepts in the field of urban trends in Switzerland. We systematise the processes of entrepreneurship, efficient company building and management team staffing.

As serial entrepreneurs, we increase the probability of success of our ventures and optimise the return-to-risk ratio for investors.

Start-up investments deliver attractive returns on average, but worldwide about 89% of all start-ups fail.

While venture capital funds manage the risk of failure purely through diversification, Aquilas also directly and actively reduces the failure rate of ventures.

Investors thus benefit from four fundamental advantages:

1. A proven approach to identifying the window of opportunity for start-up timing

2. Structural advantages and wealth of experience as serial founders with several years of experience on the market

3. Consistent focus on profitable growth already during the venture ideation phase

4. Natural diversification through regular start-ups

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Perspective, approach and venture building process


The metropolises of the world are our source of inspiration. Discover our ventures from the thematic environment of global urban trends.