How Aquilas works

Every day, new models are emerging around the world on how to better align the way we live and work with the opportunities and demands of today.

With a strong international orientation and high individual purchasing power, Switzerland would be predestined to adopt these developments quickly.

Nevertheless, this usually takes some time: the average delay in adapting socio-cultural developments in Switzerland is about two years, compared to the leading global metropolises.

Aquilas embraces this "window of opportunity", selects the most promising developments, and makes them available in this country.

In a structured scouting process, Aquilas identifies promising business models in the area of emerging urban trends, tests them for local compatibility and then, with the help of a well-coordinated team of experts, brings them quickly and efficiently to market.

Social change as a permanent opportunity

This approach offers the advantage that the proof of concept has already been provided elsewhere and certain evolutionary steps in the development process of a start-up can be skipped. This in turn has a positive impact on the chances of success and shortens the path to profitability of the ventures.

At the same time, Aquilas is not satisfied with just "copying and pasting" from role models in London, New York or Singapore, but gives the founded ventures a careful local adaptation as well as a good portion of style and desirability - the certain "edge" for which Aquilas companies have meanwhile made a name for themselves.

This approach in turn requires different qualities on the part of Aquilas:

On the one hand, the company operates in a highly dynamic environment, is constantly dealing with a multitude of topics and must be able to react quickly and flexibly to new developments and adapt accordingly.

On the other hand, regular rapid analysis and ramp-up phases require a solid foundation of guidelines, well-rehearsed processes and clearly assigned roles within a competent team of experts.

Our venture building process in 6 steps:

About 6 months before the formation

Systematic scouting process to identify attractive business models from international metropolises.

Matching with the current market conditions in Switzerland.

About 3 months before the formation

Adaptation of the identified business model to local conditions, modelling and validation of our assumptions.

Formation & Ramp-Up
First 6 months after the formation

Financing & setting up the company, laying the groundwork for a successful start-up, recruiting the venture core team.

Enable & Growth
6 months to 2 years after the formation

Enabling des Core Teams nach standardisiertem Vorgehen durch interne & externe Experten, strategische Steuerung zur Erbringung des Proof of Concept.

Scale up
2-4 years after the formation

Strategic steering of the venture through board mandates.

Approx. 4 years from formation

Identification of a best possible future scenario for the venture, value optimisation for investors during divestment


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