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With Bionic, you always train 90% of all muscle groups at the same time. This makes EMS training highly efficient and takes only 20 minutes - we guarantee that will be enough for you. Our personal trainers motivate you mercilessly and make sure you train healthy and properly.

Challenge & Action

Bionic was founded in 2013 by Simon Schrämli and opened its first studio in Basel. However, with the rapid international expansion and continuous improvement of the Swiss home market, it was quickly necessary to launch the brand with a new, attractive presentation. Today, Bionic stands for a premium experience: high-end, urban, professional, personal. These aspects were developed into a fashionable, essential design concept.

The goal of the visual language was to create a fascinating Bionic world that suggests: Bionic goes beyond fitness. It is a lifestyle product.

The new website not only informs about the functionality and benefits of EMS, but has also been elegantly designed with a

streamlined booking process for all regions.

Based on this, a multi-level lead generation strategy for various target group segments was designed to fill the pipeline of suitable franchisees for the concept continuously.


The new design concept heralded Bionic's round of expansion, which consolidated its position as market leader in Switzerland. The communication measures generated well over 100 interested parties to take over franchise licences. The success of the brand ultimately attracted the international provider Symbiont (schwa-medico GmbH), with whom a joint venture was entered into.