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Ariv offers everything you need for a smooth start in a new place: Accommodation, facilities, services and support.

Brand story

Ariv offers the housing solution of the future. Ariv is not just accommodation, but an immediately available, prestigious home with style and a feel-good factor. From day one, every tenant is part of a vibrant community that helps them get started in a new place and has access to high-quality communal areas for sports, work and social exchange. The offer is rounded off by a courteous service that provides a solution for all everyday issues, from mail acceptance to restaurant recommendations.

Challenge & Action

Globalisation and the resulting demand for individual mobility are developing rapidly. This results in a hitherto insufficiently met demand for easily accessible housing without entry barriers such as long searches, waiting times, inflexible notice periods or high initial costs for a deposit or furnishings, for example.

Moving to a new place and adapting to a new environment already brings a lot of challenges, so providing an immediately available new food point with seamless integration into a new environment meets an essential need.

Ariv stands for quickly and flexibly available accommodation with the privacy of your own flat and the amenities of a hotel, coupled with an active community.


Within its first year, the first Ariv Coliving in Basel's Stückipark recorded around 32,000 overnight stays. After 12 months, the average occupancy rate is around 85% and the average length of stay is five months. The monthly EBITDA is thus already positive after an extremely short period for this industry.

So far, Ariv has accommodated members from 35 nations, almost 30 percent of them from Switzerland, followed by Great Britain (21 percent), Germany (9 percent), Italy and France (3 percent each) and America (2 percent).

Gosia Czwarno
Head of Operations & Community

"My goal at Ariv is to provide the best possible support to our local members in all aspects of daily life and to create an enjoyable atmosphere for all."

Ulrike Tognon
Sales & Business Development

"Ariv is more than just apartments. It's about community and giving our guests an easy introduction to Switzerland. A sense of togetherness combined with privacy and a relaxed atmosphere. A perfect combination - suitable for everyone's needs."

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