We support companies and enable the people behind them to build a stable foundation in order to achieve sustainable success.

We know from experience the challenges start-ups face, so as a serial founder we can bring concepts to market efficiently and professionally.

We observe international markets and identify exciting trends so that great projects are created in-house. However, we do not rule out the possibility of reaching out to smart people with a promising business idea.

Before going “all in” with a project, we spend a lot of hours on the idea, carrying out studies and creating business plans. Using this background work, we then seek out investors who want to invest in forward-looking and scalable business models.

With our services we keep the load off our co-founders.

With the right team we get ideas where they need to go in an efficient and targeted way. After completing a proof of concept, we aim to expand the project while simultaneously establish and further develop the brand.

We support our projects in their development until we can ensure their independence and confidently exit.


Our intention is to disrupt the status quo and make the impossible possible. We achieve this goal through our courage to take risks and a team characterised by its ability to take action. Everybody’s opinion is heard and everyone has a visible impact in the company. And our flat hierarchy ensures short decision-making paths lead to rapid implementation.

Great freedom and the opportunity to take on responsibility right from the start are central to how we work. Constructive handling of failures and the fact that successes are celebrated and shared with the community play an important role with us. Aquilas is the ideal alternative for ambitious employees who want to develop outside classic, large corporate structures.


Regular and organised exchange of information and experiences among projects is central for us. We address challenges together, share our insights and define cross-project processes. That’s how we make targeted use of synergies and promote cross-industry learning. These experiences enable us to pass on best practices in critical areas of success and establish a concept on the market within a very short time.


We rely on an excellent network of partners, so we can complement our offerings in individual service areas. We can draw on a large number of experts for every single project. Employees from throughout the entire group benefit from a diverse community in our own co-working space. Numerous companies from different industries meet and benefit from our growing network through presentations, workshops and other events.


Our in-house services ensure the fast and sustainable growth of start-ups. We enable young companies to concentrate on their core activities during their initial start-up years. In doing so, we focus on the services listed below.


Our internal design agency guarantees a consistent appearance for all developed brands. Close and efficient cooperation between the agency and the projects ensures greater flexibility and lower costs. The core expertise of our in-house agency is to develop brands that have the image of being a market leader right from the start. This is achieved with attractive storytelling, creative and high-quality designs as well as cooperation with excellent partners. The design of marketing collateral completes this service package so we can act as a full-service provider in this area.


Regular monitoring and reporting ensure greater stability. In addition to centralised bookkeeping, we support companies with ongoing activities in financial planning, budgeting and cost reduction. In this control and development role, we relieve project leaders of important and mission-critical tasks. And we can efficiently support start-up companies with a team of experts and highly automated accounting processes.

Human resource management

In order to hire, optimally deploy and develop the most important resource in your company, we support projects with in-depth know-how and clearly defined processes.


The incremental or even complete digital transformation of traditional business models has helped many companies achieve success in recent years. In addition to the digitisation of business processes, data collection and its analysis are in the foreground with us. We support projects through constructive advice and help with the implementation of suitable systems.

Investor relations

In addition to our support in raising capital, we assume a quality assurance role in investor communications. Our many years of experience give us the expertise to provide a professional, transparent and structured outward appearance to investors.

Office management

We relieve the burden on projects by taking on a variety of administrative tasks such as managing the entire workstation infrastructure. We also promote an extraordinary corporate culture with cross-project events. Organising lunches or birthday aperitifs is part of everyday life at Aquilas.